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Patsy Culver

"Some of my works are unique, some tell stories, and all are very personal." 


Returning to making art after a long non-art career, I wasn’t sure I could still do it. With the help of wonderful teachers, I found I could. My first love was painting with oils for any type of subject: still life, landscapes, or portraiture. From there I found the fun of pastels and stretched myself to develop realistic landscapes. With drawing as a foundation, I became a student of art once again.

 For two summers I attended the Anthony Ryder Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico for intense, two-week workshops. I learned to model with graphite, and this skill boosted my drawing techniques in each of my new works. 

Lindy Cook Severns introduced me to the joy of pastels and the wonders of that painting medium. In addition, classes at Sul Ross University with Carol Fairlie and many lovely hours with Deborah Allison helped me move my work to a level where I am ready to exhibit it.  

 As I move into this phase, I am finding a passion to try new uses of color, exploring techniques I wouldn’t have attempted before. Above all else, I am learning to see with an artist's view the world around me.

- Patsy Culver, 2023

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