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Lori Griffin -Story Painter

I intuitively story paint.  Tell stories using mixed media techniques. Where by, found and thrown away materials are repurposed to make unique works of art.  While passing these stories along to new generations.  


Stories are great for joining the past to the future.  They are food for the soul! They teach traditions, share myths, and are full of magic.  They are powerful regardless if they might or might not be true.  My role as an artist is to paint these visual stories.  


To help convey concepts that reach the viewer,  the practice of repurposing recyclable waste and creating up cycled art work is used in my story painting.  Trash to treasures! 


One of the most captivating art forms to help tell a story is mixed media.  

By mixing various techniques, I am able to create unique pieces.  

The combination of materials can help tell the story.  The art becomes meaningful, pleasing to the eye, and intellectually engaging.  


This Customization allows me to construct a perfectly customized piece of up-cycled, mixed media art that tells the story that I am striving for. I love commission-art that tell various stories. Interested in a story piece, Text requests to 432-244-6346.

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