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Emory Holman

I was born in Alpine, Texas. We were a ranching family, and I spent a good bit of my life in the country. I came to appreciate the beauty of Far West Texas at an early age.


  I am retired from food service.  In 1995 while visiting the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, I was hired to be a cook on a dive boat looking for sunken treasure near Cuba. No treasure was found but the fun and experience were priceless! I spent two years living and working in some of the most beautiful waters in the world. 

  I reside in Alpine now but still visit the Bahamas once or twice a year.  I am very fortunate to be influenced by two such beautiful and diverse surroundings. 




I have been painting and drawing for many years.  These days I work primarily with paper collage. I am fascinated by the way torn and cut paper pieces can be used like paint and brushes.


 There is great pleasure in creating art; finishing a piece, standing back to see the results and saying “I did that!”

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