Big Bend Arts Council
Supporting & promoting the arts in the Big Bend region.



Attend Exhibit Receptions for Networking and Making Friends

Receptions are held for every new BBAC show at Gallery on the Square and for shows at the CatchLight Gallery. They are usually held on a Friday evening from 5 - 7 pm, and offer refreshments to those attending. The visitors love to meet the artists who make the work in the gallery, and as a BBAC member you have the opportunity to boost your sales, meet new people, and help out the gallery workers on that evening. Please consider coming to as many receptions as you can. Bring a snack! Bring a friend! Sharing really is fun. 

Want to teach your Art to others?
  • Contact us about arranging a Workshop.
  • Contact us about giving a short -- (20 Minute) -- presentation at our members' meetings.

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Submit your bio and artist statement, with photos of your art, and get your own web page!
  • Join the Plein Air group whenever you need a creative burst of fresh air activity!
  • Sign up for the Bank/hospital rotating exhibits.
  • Attend the group critique at Gallery on the Square
  • Visit the Alpine Visitor Center and support the exhibits.
  • Attend ArtWalk and volunteer for a shift in the gallery. 
  • Visit other shows and galleries in the Big Bend and support local art.