Big Bend Arts Council


  PO Box 1764, Alpine, TX  79831

Diane Baylor
Jewelry and Glassware


   I was born in Louisiana, but I am a westerner in my heart and soul. I made my first trip across the west when I was 10 years old, and I knew immediately this was where I wanted to be. It took awhile, with sojourns into Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and central Texas, but I did get here. When I arrived in Alpine, I knew I was home. 

   I have been married to a wonderful man, Roland Baylor, for 30 years. We are active with Meals on Wheels, the Methodist Church, the Humane Society, the Alpine Animal Shelter, and of course Gallery on the Square. With all our activities and our wonderful friends, I have never been happier in my life. 

  It seems I have always been fascinated by rocks. To me, they were simply unusual, interesting, or pretty. However, since I moved to Alpine, I have really begun to learn something about them. Rocks are an incredible material. No two are the same, and even different slabs of the same rock will be different. 

   I had never considered making pieces of jewelry from rocks until I joined the Gem and Mineral Clubin Alpine. There I saw how innovative people could be with their rock creations. 

   I consider myself an "artist-in-training." I hope I have not yet reached my full potential with my designs or my craftsmanship. I am constantly trying new ideas and styles.

   My work does not include imitation gemstones, and all the metal used is sterling silver. I hope you get as much pleasure looking at my pieces -- and possibly wearing them -- as I did making them.