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Cynthia Hurayt

Lost Mine Trail

Valentine Stop Sign

Summer in the City

Antelope Horn

The Bra

       Great photographs are just waiting to be made everywhere, every day. My choice of subject generally originates from a feeling and/or intuition, looking for the uncommon in the common, the hidden world within the endless views and changing light. When I see it, the shutter pops. Then the real fun begins!

       Traditional darkroom printing, truly “painting with light”, is where the magic is! To be alone in the dark, totally immersed in the process, watching the light and liquids transform images from your negative onto the silver gelatin paper, finally yielding an image with unbelievable richness and depth……..Well, as I said, it’s just magic! The magic is expanded when I can delve into camera-less images such as Lumens and Photograms, or merging negatives to produce an entirely different image from the 2 or 3 different negatives.

    My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye given to me when I was 5 years old. From that time I’ve rarely been seen without a camera in my hands. But, it took me until the year 2000, when everyone was heading into the digital world, to build a darkroom and learn what one does in it. The darkroom has been in steady use since then. I remain steadfastly uninterested in digital photography, intending to keep analog photography alive one exposure at a time.

The Meteor

Terra Flama

Left to Die