Big Bend Arts Council


  PO Box 1764, Alpine, TX  79831

Show Curator Guidelines and Timelines

The show curator or curators will keep the Show coordinator informed of the progress of the show duties.

Two Months prior to Show (May be done sooner than 2 months in advance):

  1. Determine Show Dates and Reception Date.
  2.  Determine Show Theme and Title
  3.  Describe show theme for members and limitations of show, if any.
  4. Make Call For Art and send information to Website Manager and Show Coordinator for publication and to email to members-Post Call for Art on Facebook.
  5. Send a weekly Call for Art to Alpine Avalanche for Rockslides
  6. Make Poster for Call for Art—May be black and white to save on expenses.


At Least One Month prior to Show

  1.  Build Postcard/Ad.  One ad can be published in one paper- the week of the reception or show – the curator can decide which paper will be the most effective publicity choice. 
  2. Get postcards printed at either Printco or SRSU print shop.  If the postcard is built soon enough, we can get them printed through an online company for less (a lot less!) so the sooner a card is built, the better.—It takes 3 weeks for postcards to arrive from online company but the cost savings are worth it!

Two weeks prior to the delivery of artwork/start of show:

  1. Print mailing labels-get postcard stamps if indicated
  2. Mail postcards or give to show members to mail as indicated
  3. Send email reminder to group for Call for Art
  4. Rockslides entry as reminder to public for Call for Art

One week prior to show:

  1. Send Ad to selected paper and send announcement to Rockslides (Alpine Avalanche)

Receive work on selected dates.

  1.  Entry form to be filled out for each entry/artist.  Any fee collected at this time should be annotated on the entry form to give credit for payment. 
  2. Entry forms are used to create tags for artwork and to collect contact information on the artist.

Set up / hang show on selected date.  Coordinate with Gallery Director to ensure there are no issues of display needs.

  1. On date of hanging the show, enter artwork into inventory and print tags for artwork in addition to arranging and hanging of the artwork.

At end of show:

  1.  One week prior to end of show:  Send notice via email to entrants to pick up artwork.
  2. One day prior to end of show:  Send repeat notice to pick up artwork.
  3. Take down show on appointed date/call any artists who have not picked up work.
  4. Arrange for any sold pieces not previously picked up to be delivered to the buyer.  Details of shipping can be arranged at this time.

Notes:  Reception should be a group effort.  The BBAC and GOTS group will help with that.