Big Bend Arts Council


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Brenda Hudson

I make my art because it is something to which I am compelled. I’ve actually tried to NOT “waste money” on art and I find myself becoming more and more depressed--out of touch with my surroundings. When I know I’m going to translate a view or an experience into art, I pay much more and much better attention.

I began to use acrylics when oils became too smelly for my respiratory system. Time passed, oils became less smelly, but I had adapted to painting fast. I plan my blending ahead of time; though I do use extenders now that they are available. They are still faster than oil.

I use pastels because they satisfy my need to layer and blend. The dust is a problem, but it is MY problem and, with sealed paintings, it is not my patrons’ problem.

China painting taught me layering and the blending it can imitate. I translated that knowledge into pastels and ceramics. Layering glazes creates unexpected and often unpredictable happenings that seem like a celebration of life to me.

That same unpredictability is also what leads me to hand-building my ceramics and to using the raku method of firing. Acrylic painting is fast, like the days of our lives. The layers and components and materials used in pastels and ceramics also seem like life to me--you never know what a single little change might cause.