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Alberto Cavazos

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Born and raised in South Texas on La Palma Ranch, a homestead established in the late 1700's and still owned by Alberto's family. Alberto was raised by his maternal grandfather who instilled a strong work ethic and love for the outdoors. From a very early age, he loved solving problems and creating art out of the objects around him. He went on to earn a B. S. degree in education with a minor in art from the University of Texas at Pan American and in 1989 finished his M. S. degree in school administration with a principal's certificate. As a teacher, he always attempted to instill an appreciation for not only visual art but written art and the art of becoming a productive citizen. After retirement, he decided to settle in Alpine due to its beautiful climate, friendly people, and very active art community. Alberto also enjoys photography, drawing, and painting and is a member of the International Association of Pen-turners. He was introduced to wood turning by a nephew who lent him an old lathe. After making a few pens, he became hooked and has been turning pens ever since. He has exhibited locally at the Fort Davis 4th of July Show, the Marfa Gun Show, the St. Joseph's Catholic Church Holiday Bazaar, and the Mountain Country Christmas Bazaar in Alpine.

Artist's Statement

The aspects I consider most important in my art are: form, functionality, and creativity. The end product should be useful, stunning and pleasing to the eye. Anyone who possesses my creations should be proud of the way they look and how they represent or reflect an aspect of their life. I appreciate items that function above and beyond their original intent; I keep that in mind during all my projects. Creativity in what I do is extremely important. I strive to produce art that is innovative and has not been seen before or art that makes a person wonder how it was created. Creativity is what maintains my interest in all of my projects.

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